The Best Yoga and Asanas2019

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Best yoga Asanas

Most people says whenever you are in the depression then you need to do yoga, this is rights. Yoga help you to reduce depression but there are more benefits might be you are not aware about so today, we are going to tell you about the yoga and I will suggest you which yoga exercise is good for you.

We using it for yoga post

I will tell you the advantage of yoga and how much important it is for you.

Benefits of yoga

  • Reduce your depression.
  • Keep your body and mind active.
  • Full fill the requirement of oxygen in your body.
  • Reduced heart disease 70%.
  • You feel good.
  • Makes your body flexible.
  • Glow your skin.
For the yoga blog describing about yoga.

Now I will suggest you which exercise is good in yoga

Top Best Yoga Asanas

  • Naukasana yoga
  • Paschimottanasana yoga
  • Ardha matsyendrasan yoga
  • Dandasana yoga
  • Hatha yoga

These are the few Asanas which will give you great benefit’s and there are many more asanas which has really amazing effect and benefits if you do regularly you can see the improvement. You can watch this given video so that you can learn Good Asanas from these video

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