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Have you ever observed in the market lot of things are coming with the chemical for example if I talk about the products, companies manufacturing that product and they are using chemicals to grow the quantity of product. Hair fall is measure issue so what should we do now that’s why I have written this article so you can aware about the products and I will suggest don’t use the product until you don’t know about the product’s quality.

In this blog I want to tell you that what are the things which you can use for your hair growth.

  • Wash your hair everyday if you if you have short hair, if you have long hair then you can wash the hair within 3 to 4 days but in the summer you should wash your hair within 2 on next 3 days.
  • You can use egg and you can make paste of egg, can apply in your hair and massage on it and leave it for 1 hour and after one hour you can wash it.
  • You can use multani mitti you you need to required paste of multani mitti first wash your hair then apply multani mitti after apply multani mitti live it one and half hour.
  • Use coconut oil which is really really good for for your hair growth it makes your hair healthy shiny and strong.
  • You can also use almond oil but this all should be original for example – If I bought an oil from the market and I applied on the hair if hair oil is not original then might be case of hair loss so I will recommend try to use original oil.
  • Use aloe vera which have great benefit for your hair growth, you need to cut the aloe vera from the corner and we need to make a paste of aloe vera, you can apply this aloe vera after washing your hair and leave it for 45 minutes this is the best option which you can apply and you can easily find at your home because this is not expensive this is natural and healthy for hair it has amazing benefits.

Healthy diet for hair Growth

If you are looking for your hair growth so you should focus on your diet as well because without die it’s not possible because it’s surface part of your body so it require diet it’s so simple to understand why should we focus on diet for example – have you ever seen two child born together when they grow up we can see the difference in the height why is it so there is reason because if child has good height it depends on the genes and second is diet and protein.

Our here also required diet and protein which help to grow and for shiny hair, let me explain what is a diet plan and what you should eat for your hair growth.

  • Take milk
  • Take protein
  • Eat vegetable
  • Drink enough water
  • Avoid unhealthy food for example pizza burger Chinese spicy e do not use any chemical product on your hair use natural oil like a coconut
  • Eat coconut which help in the growth your hair.

You can watch this video for natural remedies


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