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Egg is Full of Best Nutrition, value of eggs is very high, despite the fact, that eggs as food products have been criticized many times. Probably about them, as for most other products, we can say the same thing – eaten in moderation, they are useful and valuable, and excess can cause harm.

For humans is very useful egg white, which best fits the human proteins. Chicken egg is the only product which human body absorbs up to 97-98 percent. Egg protein is rich in minerals (sodium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, etc.), and B group vitamins.

However, the most valuable part of the egg is yolk. It contains many biologically wholesome proteins with almost all essential amino acids. Mineral substances in the yolk twice as much as in the egg white. Egg yolk also is rich in vitamins – A, D, E, B1, B2, PP, B12, biotin and others.

Often people afraid to eat the egg yolk due to the high cholesterol content. However, the egg also contains lecithin, which prevents the accumulation of cholesterol on vascular walls.

Beneficial may be even egg shell.

To prevent bone fractures due to a lack of calcium, to accelerate the healing of bone fractures, it is suggested to consume from 1.5 to 3 grams (dose depends on the age of man) of egg shell powder daily.

How to prepare and use egg shell powder:

1) Prepare shells.
First of all, wash chicken eggs well with warm water and soap and rinse with clean water. Take shells, drain them and keep in closed glass container (not plastic bags). Additional sterilization is not necessary, but before giving for small children keep shells for 5 minutes in boiling water. By the way, shells of hard cooked eggs, can be used too. But they aren’t so beneficial as shells of raw eggs, although perfectly sterilized.

2) Crush the shells.
Best to crush shells with spice pestle. It was found that coffee mill grind egg shells lose part of valuable properties.

3) The powdered egg shells is recommended to take in the morning with cottage cheese or porridge, or simply mixed with a few drops of lemon juice.

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