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We know its very important topic for them who are thinking to gain weight. Some time we disappoint because we buy clothes and it doesn’t fit on us and a good weight show your personality some time we feel low confidence because of skinny body.


If you are serious for your health then this blog is only for you, for weight gaining you need to take care of few thing and you need to be regular and need to focus on your diet.

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Increase weight within a week

If you want to increase your weight within a week then you have to focus on your diet and exercises and you need to follow few thing.

  • Change your diet plan.
  • Take milk every day.
  • Peanut butter
  • Brown rice brown bread.
  • You need to focus on low diet carb.
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  • You need to do heavy workout.
  • Your diet should be healthy.
  • Try coconut it should be dry coconut.
  • You can take oats good for heart.
  • 6-7 egg every day
  • Take proper sleep.
  • Take enough water as per your body requirement.
  • You can dry fruit
  • You need to take banana.
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  • You can take daliyaa.
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we hope so you can will get proper information and this is basic and natural way to gain weight. Your diet and your exercise will help you to gain weight.

Now Question is people are already doing exercise and taking good diet still no improvement?

  • Please stop smoking
  • Stop drinking and taking paan masala.
  • Avoid junk food it increase fat in your body
  • Avoid fast food.
  • Oily food.
How to gain weight

Remember- if you want gain weight it’s no mean that you can eat everything thing you still need to take healthy food, you will find many blog on google don’t be confuse these are the natural way to gain weight and you have to follow these thing so that you can gain healthy weight.

molecular weight

Focus on

weight gains foods.

How to weight gain naturally.

You can take weight gainer when you dont have time to follow diets then checkout my below link

  • Food to increase weight
  • Focus on diet plan.
  • Eat well to gain weight.
  • Good eating habits
  • Take salads
  • Take enough vegetable
  • Fruit salads.

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