Smartphone can spoil your life do you know? Health care 2019


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Today’s time smartphone has become a huge problem, there are many benefits but there are many disadvantages, nobody wants to focus on it, we should think about it because these disadvantage isn’t good for your health and mind. We understand smartphone has advantage it’s save your time fill the communication gap, easy way to communicate.

Technology making our life easy but we are not using technology in proper manner, we are misusing these technologies and that is a reason people are are facing many disease like heart issues, health issues stress short term memory, this is the disadvantage of technology and It happenes with them who became habbitual, Who can’t stay 2 minutes without smartphone. This call addiction and this is not good for are coming future and for coming generation. Everyone like to chat online nobody wants to go outside, people wants inside everything online.

Smartphone can spoil your life do you know? Health care 2019

Technology making people lazy that is a reason people don’t go outside don’t want to speak with the people they spend their time on WhatsApp chat Facebook chat I don’t believe how can people spend 3 to 4 hours in chatting and you will not believe that it is not good for us because this bad habit giving you so much stress health issues and reducing the power of your memory.

There are many case in which people are using there smartphone 4 to 5 hour every day without taking break we judge the behaviour then we found that people easily forgot everything and the behaviour of those people who continuously using smartphone 4-5 hour everyday, they behave different from normal person sometime they became very angry, we can see them high irritated

Disadvantage of smartphone habbit

  • It gives you so much stress.
  • Your eyesight can be weak if you if you have bad habit of use a smartphone continuously 3 to 4 hours.
  • Bad smartphone habit can be case of migraine.
  • It reduce power of your memory.

How can you prevent yourself from Smartphone Habbit

How can you prevent yourself from smartphone habit. This question people asking from us, everyday we are growing in technology and using technology, this is good but misusing of technology this is not good. We develop the technology because it was connecting with our friends family members and it was saving our time but what we are doing now? We are spending 4 to 5 hour all social media platform just for chatting.

I have suggestion for all period who are using smartphone 3 to 4 hour continuously everyday please do not use the smartphone 3 to 4 hours everyday because it can be case many disease like migraine stress bad neck posture.

  • Use smartphone when you need for your work
  • Don’t make it habit.
  • Try to keep away yourself from smartphone for few hours.
  • Reduce the brightness of your smartphone.
  • Try to play games in which you can use your physical efforts.

Smartphone can spoil your life do you know? Health care 2019 1