The Workout for Men’s Health2019 by healthy fitness

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What is body weight exercise

For the body weight exercise please watch this vedio, it will help you how can you exercise at your home without any equipment


For the Body weight exercise You need not required a gym to get a great workout. you can do exercise at your home without any equipment.

why are you waiting now ?

Start exercise for body weight

you can start exercise at your home without any equipment, there are few exercise which you need to follow the steps and these exercise is easy and every one can do it at his place.

If you planned for the body weight exercise then you need follow proper diet and For the diet you can go for my post below.

Push up

Benefits of pushup:-

  • Increase your body strength.
  • Increase your body stamina.
  • Helpful in building your shoulder broad and strong.
  • Remove fat from stomach.
  • Build your body in proper shape
  • Improve your body posture.

You can start exercise at your home and these are the basic exercise which will give you massive benefit and you need not required equipment and machine you can do it on mattress on couch and every where.

Pushup not only build your body strong and will keep in proper shape even this will give you extremely boost energy this energy will keep your body active with mind


If you started exercise at your home don’t forgot about the diet if you are not aware about the healthy diet, you can Follow my given link below

If you are confused for regarding your diet plan then I will recommend you for the spirulina ,it comes in tablet and in powder in form if are not aware about spirulina the you can go for spirulina artical or you can watch this version for spirulina

The Workout for Men's Health2019 by healthy fitness 2